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Yemekli boğaz turu
Teknede evlenme teklifi
teknede doğum günü
Teknede düğün

Ship weddings, Wedding on the boat, Invitation, Henna night, Engagement, Wedding end, Sunnah wedding and Islamic wedding.

Teknede nikah sonrası

Bosphorus tour accompaniment, marriage after marriage, marriage renewal ceremony and celebration organization.

Teknede mezuniyet kutlaması

Bosphorus tour accompaniment, Graduation celebration on Teknaya, farewell party, Year-round ball and school dinner organizations.

Kiralık motor yatlar

Special bosphorus cruise for 2-15-20-25 people dinning and cocktail-capacity economical motor yachts.

Kiralık lüks yatlar

Luxurious yachts with 2-15-25 person capacity for your celebration with no meals, accompanied by a Bosphorus tour, Vip yachts.

Bosphorus tour

Bosphorus marriage proposal organizations and package prices on a tour accompanied by boat or yacht.

Fun Bosphorus boat tour with dinner music every night, The boat Turkish night in Istanbul floating restaurant.

Click on the birthday related service contents, yacht options and package program prices on the boat.

For the special invitations and celebrations in the Bosphorus 30-50-80 people dining and cocktail-capped chic and big yachts.          

Kiralık tur tekneleri

10-30-60 person capacity tour boats and private boats for local or foreign guests of Istanbul Bosphorus tours.

Kiralık davet tekneleri

Bosphorus tour accompanied by dinner invitations for unaccompanied wedding invitations for 50-100-150 people are invited.

Kiralık davet gemileri

Wedding, Invitation, After-wedding, Company dinner, 150-300-500 person invitation ships for graduation celebration.

Kiralık büyük yatlar

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